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How to choose? Prefilled bag or empty bag?

How to choose? Prefilled bag or empty bag?

How to choose? Prefilled kit or empty bag?

When getting your new trauma bag, this question definitely go through your mind... to get a prefilled kit or just an empty bag. Of course there's no definite answer as it varies between  individuals. However, we would like to share a few points with you before you decided on either way.

Two main factors to consider before making any decision is your needs and budget

  • NEEDS. 
    • If you are very particular about brands and models, (for example you insisted to have Littmann  stethoscope, Massimo Pulse oximeter & etc). You definitely should just get an empty bag and buy your equipment seperately according to your needs.
    • Does the prefilled kit suit your level of training. If prefilled equipments such as stethoscope, aneroid sphygs and etc are not tools you (can) use then don't waste money on things you don't need.
    • Consider if the prefilled kit is used only at home, as a jump kit in car, bring to work or for other usage. Buy prefilled kits that suit the use of the bag. Or buy an empty bag and add supplies that you think relevant for the use.

    • This is rather straightforward. Higher budget means you have more choice and vice versa.
    • If you have lower budget you should consider buying your tools separately. Buy an empty bag first, followed by different tools/ supplies in timely manner.

Empty Bag


  • Customize content according to own preference.
  • Control budget in purchasing tools.
  • Get tools from different sources/ brands
  • Separate your expenditure into different time frame.


  • Spent lots of time and efforts sourcing & purchasing.
  • Might not be able to get some items from the market.
  • (Sometimes) Spending more than buying a prefilled kit.

Prefilled kit


  • Save on time and efforts.
  • Ready to go with essential tool and supplies.
  • Save money.


  • Paying a larger amount in one-off.
  • Some items might not suit the user in terms of needs or level of practice.

In a nutshell, choose empty bag or prefilled kit according to your need and budget. We at FFAS offered both options conveniently for you so that you can be ready in the front line.

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