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Triaging Pack is a great kit in helping responders to perform triaging during a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI). With the aid of the triage tags, the  first-arriving personnel are able to effectively and efficiently  distribute the limited resources and provide the necessary immediate  care for the victims until more help arrives. 

Triage Pack consists of a durable Buckle Belt, a polyester Molle Card Pouch, 30 pieces of Triage Cards and 30 pieces of ropes. Triage cards package consists of 60 triage cards & 60 pieces of ropes.

- Colour: Black

- Size of Card:  11" x 4.25" 

- Easy to read, easy to document.

- Tearable upper corner as tracing record for transportation officer. 

- Tearable/ foldable Level of Severity. 

- Can be used with either SMART or SALT Triaging System.


Use of Card. 

  • Numbering on cards for tracing and identification purpose.
  • Tearable upper left and right corner can be used in documentation and tracing for transportation officer. Initial of receiving facility can be recorded on the corner and kept as record.
  • Front and back of card are information of casualty, care given and also vital signs.
  • Coloured Level of Severity on the bottom can be teared. Some providers will advice to fold instead of tearing.
  • Can also be used as Patient Care Report in non-MCI situation.