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First Responder Cab Bag With First Aid Kit

RM 175.00

First Responder's Cab Bag (FRB-R) 

This is an economical, simple and good quality First Responder’s Bag made from good quality fabrics and buckles. Widely used by EMT and paramedics worldwide. It has zippered pockets on both ends, net pockets inside and two front pockets with elastic loops. The internal divider and padded bottom give the bag the organization and durability needed for every first responder. Great bag for making first aid kits, first responder kits, burn kits, jump bags, etc.  

  • - Colour: Red or Green 
  • - Flap Top With Buckles Allow For Quick Access 
  • - Print: Star Of Life - Dimensions: 17"L x 7"W x 10"D 
  • - Shoulder Strap Included


  • 2 pack gauze pad (5.1 x 5.1cm-8 ply) 
  • 1 pack Burn Dressing (40 x 60cm) 
  • 1 piece CPR Faceshield 
  • 1 pack Triangular Bandage 
  • 1 pack Emergency Blanket 
  • 32 pieces Adhesive Plasters 
  • 1 piece Adhesive Plaster (H shaped) 
  • 1 pair Vinyl Gloves 1 pair Scissors 
  • 1 pair plastic tweezers 
  • 2 roll PBT Bandages (7.5cm x 4.5m) 
  • 2 roll PBT Bandages (5cm x 4.5m) 
  • 6 pieces wet tissues (Cleansing wipes) 
  • 10 pieces Safety Pins 1 roll Adhesive Tape