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Prestan AED Trainer Plus

RM 1,490.00

Prestan AED Trainer

The same quality and durability you expect from Prestan. Clear confident voice prompts. Also CPR prompts to help the student keep pace with chest compressions. Easy to replace module containing current CPR guidelines and two languages. Made in the USA.


 - High quality training pads

 - Prestan Pad Sensing System

 - Fast & easy setup buttons

 - Switch between automatic or semi-auto

 - Simple-to-replace module for updates

- 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects

 Package contains: 1 x Professional AED Trainer.4 x 'C' Batteries.1 x set of adult training pads.1 x set of extra connector pins.1 x Instruction Sheet.1 x demo CD.1 x nylon carrying case