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Trauma Kits

RM 510.00

Various Types of Kitted Trauma Bags

Each kit is filled with standard items as below:

 1x Trauma Bag (Please Choose)

 1x Cohesive bandage 5x450cm

 1x Trauma Shears 19cm

 1x Aluminium Splint 11x90cm

 1x Rescue Hammer

 1x Stethoscope

 1x Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

 1x Penlight with pupil gauge

 1X CPR Mask

 1x Rotating Torniquet

 1x OPA Set of 9 sizes

 3x Instant Hot Pack

 3x Cotton Buds pack

 3x Plastic tweezers

 3x Burn Compress 40x60cm

 3x PBT Bandage 6x400cm

 3x PBT Bandage 8x400cm

 3x Instant Ice Pack

 3x Emergency Blanket

 3x Large absorbant pad

 5x Triangular Bandage

 5x Crepe Bandage

 10x Alcohol pads

 10x Sting Relief Pads

 10x Providone Iodine Pads

 10x Gauze 7.5x7.5cm pack

Sets Selection:

Medium Responder Kit - RM620

Sling Responder Kit - RM620

Megamed Responder Kit - RM650

First Responder Kit - RM510

First Aid Backpack Kit - RM650

Trauma Backpack Kit - RM990